Winter 2014

In Januar we have time to rest and to develope new projects. Although this winter turns out to be very mild, so - it is the perfect climate to start!!! 

Dissapointment: we had two requests, both cancelled. First in Moscwa, because the main responsible person became very ill. 

Second in Bangkok. The political situation in Bangkok turns out to be very bad, and  top of this, the demonstrations take place on the location we are supposed to paint. .... 

We hope, the situation in Bangkok will improve! The poor people, although the fights are not so brutal like in Kiew at the same time. 


Ok,.... time for sketching and planning!

One of Gregor Wosik´s sketches for our work in the shopping center in Graz, Murpark. 

Das machen wir so im Winter :  Hundeportraits und sonstige Extrawünsche auf Leinwand.


Dogge   - Gregor Wosik

Schäferhund und Berner Sennenhund - Marion 

Türkisches Mädchen - Gregor 

Öllampe mit Frau - Marion

und super extra Aufgabe für Gregor - ein abstraktes Bild 

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Gastmahl von Emmaus
Gastmahl von Emmaus